Mom’s Nite Out

Lehigh Valley Mall and WLEV partnered up to celebrate Mom’s Nite Out, a mall-wide free event, that was a guilt-free excuse for moms to take the night off to relax and enjoy a celebration of motherhood.

Teen Board was on hand to help Moms get a well-deserved break at this event featuring makeovers, entertainment, refreshments, goodie bags, style presentations, shopping incentives, pampering with mini-massages and hair styling and more!

It was a busy night as Teen Board registered hundreds of moms for this event and passed out goodie bags to all in attendance.

There was lots of tasty treats and drinks for all to sample!

And of course activities and crafts to keep younger children busy!

While our moms registered to get a mini-make over and their hair done!

A great nite was had by all. And of course, there was no better time to do a little Mother’s Day shopping with all the great savings and special offers by the Merchants at Lehigh Valley Mall.