Program Rules

This program only works with your participation. The more actively involved you are with the program, the greater the opportunities and the experience. We fully realize that there will be times when schedules will conflict with school activities, social functions and family obligations.

However, the following attendance policy will be in effect –
1. You must be present at a minimum of one of the two required meetings held per month.
2. You must participate in at least 75% of all major mall events for which you are scheduled.
3. If you are unable to attend a meeting or program, you must call at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting at 610-394-9182 and notify the Teen Board Coordinator. The exception to this is in the event of illness or an emergency. However, you should still call and let the Teen Board Coordinator know that you will be unable to attend.
4. In the event that your attendance begins to drop below the minimum requirement, you will receive a verbal warning. If your attendance continues to drop after the verbal warning, a written warning will be sent. Continuance of poor attendance, may be grounds for dismissal from the Teen Board program.

1. There are two major runway fashion shows – Spring & Back To School. These involve considerable work, practice and time to accomplish. To participate in a major fashion show, you must be present for all rehearsals. With the permission of your squad, you may have one excused absence from one rehearsal.
2. You must be present for your scheduled fitting date! There are no exceptions to this rule and no alternate fittings will be provided.
3. With regards to fashion selection for major shows and all fashion events, where possible, we will take in to consideration your personal preferences. However, the ultimate decision will rest between the Store Manager and The Teen Board Coordinator. If you find that you are extremely uncomfortable With any selected outfit, please discuss this with the Teen Board coordinator, But under NO circumstance should this be brought up as an issue with the Store Manager.
4. Clothing in the use of a fashion show is given on loan by the merchants at Montgomery with the expectation that reasonable care will be given to return in the same condition by which they were loaned. Teen Board members are expected to exercise such reasonable care. We realize that accidental damage may occur and we will work with the merchant in the event such an accident occurs. However, in the case of willful neglect or damage to clothing, the Teen Board member will be liable for the damage or repair necessary to reimburse the merchant.
5. Security is always an issue when literally thousands of dollars of merchandise are out on the mall floor for a fashion show. While the mall provides security to the show, the ultimate responsibility for the security of the clothing falls on the Teen Board Coordinator. as such, no one other than Teen Board models, Rainbow Promotions Event Staff or Mall management are permitted back stage before, during or after the show until all clothes have been removed from the area. Please advise all friends and family of this fact in advance to prevent any misunderstandings. Please note that friends or family if present back stage may be ushered by security or staff from the area rather abruptly if this policy is not adhered to.

1. Teen Board members are considered to be representatives of the Lehigh Valley Mall. As such, their conduct and behavior should be exemplary when present at any time in the mall, during Teen Board meetings and functions, and when on outside trips as a group. If for any reason a Teen Board member is written up by Mall Security or Mall Staff or asked to leave the mall, this may also be grounds for suspension from the Teen Board.
2. The use or possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco by Teen Board members during Teen Board functions is grounds for dismissal from Teen Board.
3. Teen Board members are engaged in activities mainly centered around fashion and retailing. Your appearance and grooming for Teen Board functions and trips should reflect this.
4. During Teen Board meetings, please be courteous to both peers as well as to any guest speakers or presenters. It is important to listen to what others have to say and to have an exchange of ideas. Please give all members the same attention and respect as you would want for yourself.
5. If problems do occur, please feel free to contact the Teen Board coordinator and try to have an open and honest discussion to resolve any issues. The goal of this program is to have a fun and educational experience where creativity and experiences can be shared between members and the public they interact with at the mall.